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2 new game reviews

I've recently bought two of the latest PC games:
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, and
Half-Life 2

I'm not too keen on the latest version of RCT. The learning curve is a little bigger, and it seems to be a combination of the previous two RCTs with Sim Theme Park and 3D Roller Coaster Designer.
Granted, you are able to ride the roller coasters in this version, and if you build a decent roller coaster, you can get the sensation that you really are on the ride. But, the overall feel of the game just doesn't seem as exciting. And, sure, you can build your own fire-works displays, use your own music, and create effects that coincide with rides, I still just don't feel like it's as enjoyable as the previous two versions. I give the game a C.

HL2 took almost an hour to install and setup. The server was busy when trying to register the product through Steam. I also had to update a number of my drivers. And I still don't get any sound when I have the sound option set to 4 speaker mode (I have a surround sound system). But, the use of bump-map texturing creates more detail with all the characters and other objects. The AI is improved, so the other characters actually figure out different problems (well, not really, they just have more options to choose from in their AI library). I just purchased this game today, and only got to the third level, but so far I'd give the game a strong B, if not a weak A. This grade has the potential of rising once I get into the battle levels.

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