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I have no funds in my e-trade account...
I still have a few stocks which are doing well, but they're not covering what I lost several years ago... at least not yet.
I found out today that I actually owe some money when I went to go buy some new stocks.
And because of that, I can't buy quite yet.
The fastest way I have to get enough money in to buy the stocks is through a direct transfer from my bank.
So, I got that set up.
It's the kind where you verify that you own the account by telling them the two small deposits that they make into the account (if you have a paypal account, it's the same thing).
They say 2 to 3 working days. Gah!
Today is a holiday, and many people are taking tomorrow off as a holiday.
My bank is not open on Mondays... so, it'll be at least Wednesday before I can try to buy these stocks.
By then, the price may increase to over what I want to buy them at.
Damn, I wish they took paypal... I should check to see if I can use my credit card to put some money in there...

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