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Went to a Halloween fetish party in San Francisco last night... last minute kind of thing.
No pictures... no cameras allowed.
Stopped off at Stormy Leather on Folsom.
Went to the Haight to walk around a bit.
Party didn't start 'til 10, had to waste time.
Stopped off at Nykk and Krystal's.
You've probably never heard of them, unless you know Galaxxy Chamber,
a space-goth band from S.F.
anahata_adaro (aka pyrophilia) used to be in their band.
I also used to do a lot of their photography.
In fact, their first CD features more of my photography than the other 4 photographers combined.
Although Anahata and I were both in costume, we were recognized immediately.
Anyway, we hung out there until it was time to go to the party...
Wow... I just realized that there were a lot of 't's in that last sentence.

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