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For many years, I've had recurring dreams where I am "trying out" for a position in a military boot camp.
Actually, that's about the only thing that's the same about these dreams; a group of us are vying for spots. Pretty much, everything else is completely different.
It always starts out with a group of us meeting the drill sargent who will be "instructing" us.
Sometimes he or she is nice. But you just know that if you make the boot camp squad, all your preconceptions will be completely shattered.
Other times, the DS starts at you before you even make it through the fence.
In last night's dream, we weren't met by the drill sargent at all, but by one of his aids.
He gave us a simple task (heh) that we had to accomplish within in an hour.
Having had these dreams in the past, and realizing instantly that I was in another one of these dreams, I already knew I was going to fail, no matter what the task was.
We were to pair up, one guy and one girl. I got paired up with an average girl, not athletic, but not fat either.
The test:
First, the girl of each pair was to run around the perimeter of a field which was roughly a mile.
They would then have to tag their partner (having just met, and all of us dressed in similar clothing, remember who the partner was was a test in itself).
Then the guys would run around the same field. When each of us made it back, we'd get handed a little steak knife, and we'd have to chop a piece of 2X2 in half. Not slice or cut, but chop. With a steak knife. Okay!
Well, that's not all.
Did we forget to mention that just before each person starts his or her run, they have to chain smoke 5 cigarettes! *cough*
First off, even in my dreams, I have bad lungs... well, I think they're pretty healthy, but I grew up with asthma, so they're not quite right somehow.
I wonder if hanging out with a bunch of smokers at work is finally getting to me. *shrugs*
So, to recap... girl smokes 5 cigs, runs a mile, tags me, I smoke 5 cigs *gasp*wheeze*cough*, run the mile, grab a steak knife, and attempt to chop a 2X2 with a steak knife.
Got it?
Oh, one final note: The team who comes in last place on the running is out. Those who cannot complete the entire task within one hour are out. Ready? GO!!!!
Like I said, the girl I'm teamed up with isn't athletic, but she's not really fat... although she is the biggest girl on the field. She doesn't do too bad with the running around the field, about one third of the rest of the girls are slower than she is.
But now it's my turn. I actually used to be able to run pretty well, asthma and all. But smoking 5 ciggies? nuh-uh.
I coughed and wheezed and sputtered my way through, somehow, and ran off... albeit not very well.
Somehow, I still ended up right in the middle of the guys, maybe about 10 or 11 in front of me, and about the same behind me.
But we were running out of time.
By the time I got back to the starting point, there were only about 2 minutes left.
Not being last one in, I knew I wouldn't be "disqualified" from that little sidenote.
But, taking that flimsy steak knife, I knew I was in trouble.
I hit the piece of wood once... and it went in only about half an inch. How depressing.
I looked around, and all these other guys who were coming in behind me were chopping through the wood with ease. *gah!*
I hit it again, not really knowing if I was allowed to hit it more than once (it seemed all the other guys only needed one hit).
Same thing, half an inch at most.
I hung my head, as I knew no matter what I did, I wouldn't chop through that thing in the remaining minute.
Sure enough... TIME!
I'm out.
So is the girl who was teamed up with me. She took it real hard. Having similar dreams in the past, I knew I wasn't in in the first place... it was just a dream to me. I never make it past "trials".
Apparently, the girl teamed up with me and the girl who had been teamed up with the guy who had come in last on the running had some kind of dispute or something going on from before the beginning of the dream.
They were both upset at each other, and started fighting. The one girl was also trying to beat up on her partner for coming in last.
I don't know if they were looking for me to try to come beat me as well, because I was already fading away.
Then I woke up so I could go pee.

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