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I got my time off for the weekend before T-day, so I'll be heading down to Tempe, Arizona with anahata_adaro.
I've got a couple of people to e-mail to tell them.


These next three days are going to be murder on my sleep schedule.
I have to get up early to go to my niece's B-day party, then go to work, then take my CPR test in the morning after work. Then, after a few hours of sleep, I'll get up early enough to go to her (my niece) volleyball game. I might be able to squeeze a couple of hours of sleep in between that and work, but I doubt I'll get it. After work that night (Thurs night to Fri. morning) I'll stick around the hospital again to go talk to someone about putting more into my 401(k) plan and starting up a 403(b) (or whatever it is).
Okay, so what the hell am I still up for now, then?
Off to bed... see ya!

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