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I seemed to have misplaced a day somewhere.
I thought it was Tuesday.
Went to work to take the written portion of my CPR test.
Saw my co-worker at work, which would be normal for a Tuesday.
Asked her if she had tomorrow off, hoping we could go out on the boat.
She usually has Wednesdays off, but she picks one up here and there.
She says no, she's working...
I'm thinking, okay, too bad... we'll have to work something else out.
Go home, try to take a quick nap, because I've only had a couple of hours of sleep.
When I wake up and look at my watch, I notice it says today is Wednesday.
How could today be Wednesday, it's only Tuesday?
Today's Wednesday.
I think that my friend working today reinforced the idea that today might have been Tuesday, because if I wouldn't have seen her, I would have probably realized earlier that it was Wednesday, and that she shouldn't have been at work. But she was, on her typical day off, so I thought it was completely normal, as I was thinking it was only Tuesday.
Did any of that make sense?

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