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I hate doing dishes. I hate it so much that I usually wait until I have no clean dishes left before I start to clean them. And don't usually find that I have no clean dishes left until food is almost done cooking... so I have to scramble to get the dishes I want to use done first. Then, if the food isn't done quite yet, I'll just keep washing until it is.

But when I got back from Cody's house tonight after dropping her off, I noticed that she cleaned just about all of my dishes. I was on the computer when she was washing them, and I knew that she was doing so, but I didn't know how much she had done. She even told me before we left, "I did some of your dishes." No kidding some! Just about all.

This is so cool...thanks

She also cooks some kick-ass food. I guess she's learning it from her mom. They both like to cook. While I was at work a couple of days ago, I had simply asked that she cook up the chicken that had been thawing in the refrigerador before it started to go bad. She not only cooked it, she made it into a complete stir-fry meal: peanuts and vegetables added in, with teriki flavoring. Yummmmm

Whoever marries this girl better appreciate all this. There are very few girls out there anymore that do their own things, and are also housewife-ish in that they do these kinds of things. (refering to the old definition when women were "supposed" to work in the kitchen, etc.) She does it 'cause she likes it, not because she thinks that is where she is supposed to be... so don't take it the wrong way.

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