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Of course, TV commercials are paid for by those who are selling a product or trying to get you think a certain way. The biggest example of this latter idea is the crap we see when politicians slam each other and when people who are for or against certain propositions on the ballot want you to vote their way.
For example, in California, we have Prop. 68.
One group says the propostion is about Indian Gaming (casinos, etc) making huge profits without paying taxes. These people want you to vote yes (so Indian Gaming has to pay taxes).
Another group says that P68 is to allow Vegas style casinos to infiltrate the state, and state that crime and traffic congestion will rise, and that the casinos will be built close to schools. These people want you to vote no.
I'd like to see a neutral party put up the text of the proposition on TV (before we get the sample ballots) and tell you the pros and cons for voting either way. I would like to make my decision based on that, instead of each group saying the other is lying. I don't know which one to believe when I don't have the text of the proposition.

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