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I'm thinking I'm not liking this new layout for entering posts directly from the web... maybe I'll just have to give it a chance or something...
Anyway, that's not what I wanted to write.
I can't sleep (again!).
It's 10:30AM, and I have to be at work at 7:00PM.
I'm hoping I can get a few good hours of sleep in between those two times, but right now, I am wide awake, and don't see sleep coming for at least several hours.
Part of the problem was how early in the afternoon I went to bed yesterday. I had hoped to go out on the boat, so I spent the first few hours after work getting it all cleaned up.
When I called my friend to see if she was able to go out or not, she told me that she couldn't find a babysitter (her youngest is still not in school). We figured it probably wouldn't be too good to take him along and expose him to his mom and her friend drinking and dancing to loud music on the boat. And she had a class to go to in the evening, and didn't want to be buzzed for that, either.
So we decided some other time.
But I couldn't go to sleep, either. So instead, I stayed up and watched some of my Star Wars DVD stuff. By the time I did go to bed, it was past 2:00PM. I woke up just before I had to go to work. And that leads to now... so I'm still awake.
It looks like I'm going to do the same thing... watch more SW movie stuff.

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