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Does anyone else hate authors who have to explain every detail to you? After a while you seem to lose the plot and character development. I mean, I feel it's okay if several words here and there must be explained, especially if the author's definition doesn't follow the norm. It's even worse when you have a feeling everyone already knows what a word is. I don't understand how Webster can keep selling his books like that!
My last girlfriend and I got into a fight about chivalry being dead. She said she could prove it just by the mere fact that I didn't open the car door for her. I tried to explain that I was too busy swimming up towards the surface.
I went in last week to get my AIDS test.
My doctor told me to think positive.
I'm having problems sleeping again today.
Came home from work at about 7:15 this AM; have to return at 7:00 PM.
Went to bed around 8, woke up at 10... haven't been able to get back to sleep.
Since I've been back from Burning Man, I keep going back and forth with a pesky cough. It's caused by an itchy throat. It'll go away for a day or two, then return for a day or two. Back and forth. My stuffed nose just stays with me the entire time.

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