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Both of my aunts are pretty religeous, albeit in different ways.
Here in America, that's okay. They have that right, right?
Or do they?
Now, while one of my aunts is pretty staunch, she pretty much keeps it to herself, at least around me. On the other hand, the one who lives in Seattle sends me numerous e-mails (usually just forwarded on) about God and somesuch.
The latest e-mail had to do with our pledge of allegiance to our flag.
In its current form, it reads, "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisble, with liberty, and justice, for all."
At one time, the 'under God' was not a part of the pledge. Our recent controversy about removing this saying was waved off, most likely because the people who were against the phrase didn't have a real clue how to get the phrase removed, citing only that they were agnostic/atheist, and it was against their beliefs.
Nice start, but not enough.
I, too, am for the removing of this phrase, but not because I am agnostic.
I believe that the phrase, 'under God', along with the 'In God We Trust' slogans on our money are a form of persecution.
You see, our country is made up of people from all over the world. Most people originally arrived in the United States to get away from the homelands and the persecution that those governments had against these people. They were persecuted for their religeous beliefs, wealth, and/or lifestyle. Because they came from all over the world, they also brought these beliefs with them, and while many of them believed in a God of one form or another, the name was not always the same. We have to remember that some of these people believed in Allah, Buddha, Mohammed, Yahweh (I don't know how to spell that one), etc.
By telling these same people that we can't put the names of their gods on money and in our pledge of allegiance, is this not too a form of persecution, the very act they left their native lands to avoid?
What if things had been slightly different... what if more of the Muslim nations had colonized this country? Would our pledge read, 'under Allah'? Or 'under Buddha' if there had been more Asian influence?
Why are we still persecuting these people in our own country, a country they came to to escape from the problems their native countries where there were demeaned.
Now, when they become citizens of their new land, they must pledge their allegiance to the symbol of our nation, which they're being told has only one God.
Buddha and Allah don't matter any more.

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