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Life is strange

Last October, my truck was broken into and a bag full of CDs was taken (among other things, including a digital camera).
One of the CDs that was in the bag was Idiot Flesh, one of my favorite bands of all time. Specifically, the album Fancy was the one I was left without.
This CD is no longer in print, no longer made, and rarely seen.
For the past 10 months or so, I've had requests out to several music and auction websites to inform me if that particular CD ever became available.
I had given up hope of ever replacing that CD.
Two weeks ago, I drove off to Burning Man, away from a computer and e-mail for a week.
So what pops up in my e-mail box while I am gone?
You got it.
Idiot Flesh's Fancy.
But, how am I to know when I don't have e-mail for a week?
Alas, by the time I get the message, it has already been sold.
Just out of curiosity, I hop on to eBay, and do a quick search.
Fancy is up for bid!
I type in a few numbers, submit, and voila! I'm the new highest bidder!
But, there's still 5 days left. Two days go by and I am no longer high bidder.
Damnit. I need my CD back!
I double my original high bid, and poof! I'm at the top again.
Today was the last day of bidding.
Someone else placed a few more bids on it, but it was no where near my high bid, so I end up being the winner! It took me $50 to be the winner, but I get my CD back!
So when I go check my e-mail for the verification letter, I get something else in my e-mail box.
eBay's has just sent me another notice that two more IF's Fancy are available, and that I can 'buy them now' for less than half the price I paid on eBay.
Well, at least I have my Fancy back!

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