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Lots going on

The last several paychecks have been screwed up pretty bad.
2 paychecks ago, there were about 8 of us who had gone to a different payscale. Somehow, the 8 of us got checks for less than 40 dollars, so we had to go in and have payroll refigure out our data and issue us checks for the difference.
My last paycheck was reversed. Because the payroll department hadn't told the computer that we had been issued new checks and because of some other flaw which sounded like a programming error, I got paid about 308 dollars an hour for my call time, yes, that's $308/hr!
Well, considering I only make about 1/10th of that when I'm on call, that was quite a hefty check when I opened it up.
Having spent several mornings in payroll this week, we got it figured out how we would take care of the money situation in my case. Most of the other techs, I assume, had to write checks back to the hospital for the difference of what their check should have been versus what they got paid. I had been planning on "cashing in" some of my vacation time (a process where instead of actually taking the time off, you can turn some of the time in for cash) to have some extra cash to help me get ready for vacation (which begins next week).
Instead of turning in the forms this week for my paycheck next week, they were able to adjust my vacation time as if I had already cashed it in so that I could keep all the money I got on my last check. It worked out very close to the amount of hours I was going to turn in, anyhow.
Of course, with a higher paycheck, my gross income went up, and so did the amount of taxes paid. We did some number crunching and I went ahead and decided to file as EXEMPT for this next paycheck, which means I won't have any state or federal taken out, which means this next paycheck will be pretty close to what I gross (minus the other deductions, of course).
Good news there!
And during this time, we made another discovery. The hospital pays shift differential. As an x-ray tech, the PM crew gets an additional $1 per hour above their base pay, and graveyard shift makes an additional 80 cents on top of that (or $1.80 above base pay rate--base pay rate being what you'd make if you worked the day-shift).
For the past 9 months of working graveyard, I have only been being paid the PM differential of $1 instead of $1.80. So guess what that means! Once that paper work comes in, I get another check for all the 80 cents per hour that I've been shorted, retroactive to the point from when I started working graveyard.
Bonus! Well, not really a bonus, as it was supposed to have been already paid to me, but bonus meaning yeehaw!


In other news... I ruined another cell phone when I went out on the boat yesterday. I gotta stop getting those things wet when they're turned on. Geesh!

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