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It makes me sick

The news is starting to really get me sick.
In Sacramento, a cat had to be euthanized because some asshole doused it with lighter fluid and set it on fire. What kind of sick fuck would do something like that? According to my psych class teachings... probably a pre-pubescent boy (early teens or slightly younger). Chances are, unless caught, he got a thrill out of killing an animal, and will sick the same feeling, but will need to progressively move on to bigger animals, and eventually to people by the time he is 18 or 19. Never satisfied, he will kill several people until he is finally caught and gone through the judicial system several times before finally being sentenced to death, probably his mid to late thirties. But enough about psych probabilities; I could have gone the whole night (and the rest of the year) without hearing that story. That is the most fucked-up thing I want to hear, ever. And it's not just because it was a cat (I'm a cat person, in case you haven't realized), because that would have sickened me if it was a dog, a bird, an iguana, or any other animal.

I'm also sick and tired of all this Iraq bullshit. But there is a dilemma. If we stay, the fighting will become worse. But if we leave, the same is also true. Those insurgents aren't just fighting to get us out of their country, they're also fighting each other, because there are three different cultures living in a country, and they haven't learned to get along with one another. With Hussein in power, they were just too afraid to do anything public. Now they're not, especially because their country is already riddled with holes.
What to do what to do...

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