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I'm finally starting to feel a little better... but now I'm developing a cough again. I am going to start early this time with the cough medicine. It really does seem to help me get rid of a cough faster. I still have some sniffles, but my sinuses aren't giving me headaches anymore.

Went to my Aunt's house yesterday and finally got the headboard for my bed. Then to my mom's so she could show me the present she got for me while she was in Mexico with my sister's family. It was a ceramic head that broke on the way home. Fortunately, it's in big enough pieces that she is going to attempt to glue it back together. I also showed her my new camera.

Then we (Cody's still here) went to my sister's house so she could give me the present that she had gotten for me... I think it's a Day-of-the-Dead marionette; it's a carved wooden skeleton.

It sounds like my niece would be interested in going to a Benny-Hanna style japanese restaurant here in town. She might not try the sushi right away, but one never knows.... baby steps.

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