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I guess I'm not gonna get much sleep today, or at least not this morning.
I went to the auto shop where they're fixing my truck. I arrived at about 5 minutes after 7. Sign says they open at 8. First person didn't show up until 20 minutes after 8.
Said they'd call me within an hour to tell me what was wrong and an estimate. They've already called, and I got my estimate, and I said go for it.
They'll be done fixing the truck about noon.
Great! Except I should be sound asleep at noon. heh
Oh well.
I also know that the eye doctor people are going to call around 4:30 to remind me of my eye appointment tomorrow morning. I told them I sleep mornings, so to call me in the afternoon, sometime after 4. Of course, I had told them this before the truck broke down and before I knew I was going to be up all day today.
Well, I can go to sleep after I get my truck, let them call and wake me up, then head back to bed.

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