The Digital Shutterbug (aryx) wrote,
The Digital Shutterbug

This journal has been placed in memorial status. New entries cannot be posted to it.

Okay, no more anonymous posts to my journal. In the past two weeks, people have been replying to posts that are several years old, and doing it anonymously. I had a post about not being able to pass a certain point in a game I used to play... not only have I since passed that point, but I've defeated the game on numerous occasions. I got blasted and called stupid because I couldn't pass that point (at that time). I don't think the poster realized he/she was replying to a post left in 2001! And now I get another anonymous post about my complaints of ice-cream trucks in the Winter. Now that I own my own home in a nice area of town, I don't have to worry about that.
So, I'm just disabling anonymous posts altogether.

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