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It is amazing that I have still not seen a single person who really knows what the fundamentals are behind this so-called war on terrorism. Even the people who are running and fighting the war don't know. How sad.

In this particular instance, it is the extremist muslim groups who refuse to acknowledge that other cultures can co-exist in this world. They believe whoever is not muslim is an infidel, evil, and satanic, if not Satan himself, and therefore must die. (Doesn't that sound familiar!)

We really can't understand this in America. We have cultures from all around the world living here. Yes, we do have our own little battles between one group or another, but they're typically isolated. For the most part, living peacefully in on country, we have Chinese, Japanese, Hmong, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Pacific Islanders, Philipino, Russian, German, French, English, Thai, Mexican, Norwegian, Swedish, Hmong, African, South American, and many other people from a wide variety of cultures. Here, we have to mix, and learn to live with each other. Yes, there are even Muslim living here. And we've even created some of our own, like the Amish. So, what did the Native American people think of all this? Who knows, we killed most of them off because they had a different culture, and because we wanted their land. Of course, this happened long before I was born, and I cannot take any of the blame or responsibility for that... that was our forefathers' fault.

So, no matter where you live, if you live here in America, there's no where you can go without seeing some other culture making its influence among the cities and towns.

These extremists can't understand that. And they refuse to even begin to try to understand. I'm not entirely sure what their fear is. I think a part of it is that they feel they may lose some of their heritage. Some of it may be that they may feel that they'd lose control over some of their people. Or that they may even enjoy some other culture's art and passion. I'm sure there's a lot more to it.
But it also boils down to this... racism.
It's stupid, really. Really... there is only one race of human. Homo Sapiens sapiens. One race. Skin color does not constitute a change in race. Brown, pink, black, or orange, we're all one people.
You don't see dogs desriminating against other dogs, do you? A Chow doesn't care if it mates with a Doberman or a Chihuahua. And we're supposed to be above these creatures?
So what if there's a different culture, a different way of doing something. It still gets the job done, right?
Westerners have gone to the Middle East too quickly, and had some influence on their people. They don't like it, as I said before, for whatever reason.
But instead of trying to understand what's going on, the extremists decide the only way to remedy the situation is to kill them off. Same as what we had done to the Natives.
This is also what the Christians had done to the Pagans.

The only way to end this war is for us to try to understand their culture, and for them to try to understand ours. If this doesn't happen, it really will become a battle of who gets wiped off the Earth first.

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