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Bad news and bad news

1) The place where I went to go get some koi had the fish in quarantine. They're painting around the ponds and doing some other kind of construction, so to be sure that the fish they sell you aren't going to die within a day or two after taking them home, they're not selling them this week. So I have to wait 'til next weekend to get some.
But, I did buy some water plants to put into the new pond. Actually, I bought the plants to go in the old pond, while I put the older plants in the new pond. I also caught a few of the goldfish and mosquito fish and transfered them to the new pond as well. Let's hope the change isn't too much of a shock on their system, because one of my favorites was the first to get caught and transfered. That's just how it worked out.

2) For the third time in two years, my alternator in my truck is going out. I am NOT taking it back to the same place. They obviously install cheap crap. Sorry mom, I know you recommended the place, but if they can't do a good job, even after a second chance...
I think I'll just take it to the dealer. My original alternator lasted 8 years.

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