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Finally went out and got myself a digital camera (like I really need another camera in my life).

Actaully, there were several reasons why I deemed it was time to go digital with some of my photography work. One of the main reasons is because I am tired of scanning prints. When I scan prints, I always have different size pictures when I want to display them, always cropping, and scanning at different d.p.i.'s.

Another reason is that I wanted to have something to make MPG files with... and this camera will record MPG movies from 5 seconds to 60 seconds in length. It also came with software that will allow me to edit, crop, and play with the movies and save them to CD-ROM.

It's a nice little camera... mid-price range... not the cheapie $300 kind, but not the outrageous $1000 kind, either... right in the middle of that. It's a Sony, which uses memory wafers... it came with a 4MB wafer... and I bought 3 wafers with 64MB each... each wafer will hold over 1000 pics! Of course, I'll be making movies too, so that takes away from the picture space. But it's okay!

It hooks up to both the computer and to the TV. Some features are that it can take pictures in negative mode, B&W, Sepiol, and solarize. It has 6X digital zoom!

Still playing around with least I don't have to worry about wasting film... and it's nice to be able to delete the pictures that don't come out.

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