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Just made a ton of stir-fry... actually ate it all!

I finally get the day off tomorrow!
I'm gonna have sushi!

My knee and back are beginning to bother me again.

I need to find a way to cheer up. People at work are talking behind my back (although I have excelent hearing) saying that I'm such a grump.
I am a grump... but it's because I just want people to admit when they make mistakes and fix them. I'm not a perfect tech, but have I gotten to the point where other techs who can't keep up or have lower quality of work that I do are bad?

I need to stretch better when I wake up, and I need to start exercising. That can jump-start my body into feeling good again, and help improve my attitude. But, I do this every Spring... I think.

Woke up this morning with full sinus congestion, coughing, wheezing, headache... basic cold symptoms. So, here I go again!

After eating so much stir-fry, I am really tired. I want to get up early enough to go shopping for a digital camera before I go pick up Cody. So I think I'll just call it a night.

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