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Update on the levy situation here in San Joaquin County.
It looks as though the water is pretty much contained, although they're expecting another high tide tomorrow (later today, if you want to get super technical about date changes). They're expecting that their temporary levy should hold.
Apparently, the water did more damage than I originally thought. That's because when I reported it, the news was saying it should only take about a week to pump the water out.
But because the flooding continued on for a couple of days longer than they thought it would, they now think it's going to take more than a month to dry out the fields to an acceptable planting condition.
So it sounds like this Summer's crops are pretty much ruined. They really won't be able to grow anything in there that needs the time that they usually have.
They'll probably have to try the quick crops like late season corn or something.
But, to look on the bright side, think of all the nutrients that were deposited! All the fish that get caught in the fields as the water is drained will make excellent fertilizer.
Barring any other problems in the next few years, the farmers should have good crops in the future, new silt, and free fertilizer.

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