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The bad thing about cable internet is that when you get redirected to an adult site from an apparently legitimate site is that you can't close the windows fast enough to keep the next pop-up from opening.
At least on dial-up, if you're quick enough, you can close the window before the coding has a chance to open a new window.
Somehow, I got directed to a site that wants to install some XXXview software, or something like that, and when you click no, saying you don't want to install, another pops up saying you have to click yes to install.
I don't want to install, so I close it... then another window pops up which says you have to install the software.
Damn it! No, I don't even want to be at that fucking site (no pun intended). And the install window won't let you click on the browser window to try to back up.
Finally just had to shut the whole msn browser down... now I can't even remember what I was looking up.

Oh yeah, nude beaches... well, I think I need to just go to bed.

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