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Tommy Smothers

There once was a man who was none too good;
But then I'd say he was none too bad.
Times he's mighty good for a spell;
And times he'd go out and raise a little hell.
--Mediocre Fred
--Mediocre Fred
Fred went to work from 8 to 5;
And he punched a clock to show he was alive.
Went to church every Sunday morn.
Sometimes he'd wonder why he was born.
--Mediocre Fred
--Mediocre, dull Fred
Fred went to the movies every Saturday night;
Liked to watch T.V. and the Western fights.
And he paid his taxes most every year;
And on a hot summer day, why he drank a little beer.
--Exciting mediocre Fred
--Mediocre Fred.
Well, the days went by all dull and grey;
And he didn't think much and had little to say.
And when the full moon rose he'd climb over the moat,
And find some people sleeping and bite their throat!
--Mediocre Fred
--Mediocre, dull Fred

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