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I finally got the extended version of Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring on DVD.
Best Buy never seemed to have it in stock... just The Two Towers.
Well, I wasn't going to buy that until I first bought the first one.
It has all of the extra scenes that didn't make it to the theatrical version simply because it made the movie too long, and didn't really move the plot along, even though they were important elements to the story (for example, seeing the three trolls that had turned to stone, confirming to the hobbits that Bilbo wasn't lying about his adventures... or at least not lying completely).

Anyway, watching all the extras (I'm heavy into watching the behind-the-scenes, documentaries, and featurettes), I am finding myself more and more wanting to make my movies that I've been wanting to do for so long.
I need to sit down and finish the stories that I have in my head, write out some scripts, and start filming.
Most of the ideas I have are shorts... probably 5 to 10 minutes vignettes; things I could probably upload to the web once the editing is done.

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