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Right now, the average lifespan of a male is about 72, for a female approximately 78, give or take a couple of years.
By the year 2010, I think that number will decrease to the average age we are now.
If Kerry manages to squeeze his way into office, he will try to improve public relations with our U.N. and other country officials by reducing our troops from the Arab countries.
Now, at first glance, that seems like an excelent idea, as our reputation is severely tarnished by the Bush-men being in office. However, it will open up the passage ways for more terrorism upon our (American as well as our allies) people, our countries, and our lifestyles. This will be Kerry's biggest mistake, because after four years of not fighting back, the people will tire of his non-response and vote in another Republican.
But if Bush stays in, we will try to continue to fight this so-called war on terrorism and keep our troops where they need to be. Yes, soldiers are still dying on a daily basis, but in order to move ahead, sacrifices must be made, and they are not made in vain. However, this, too, will cause our allies to become more and more dissatisfied with us, as Bush has absolutely no P.R. skills at all. We will become further tarnished in the eyes of other nations.
Nader has absolutely no chance of getting into office. The ideals that he once stood for are really no longer needed in this country. He is a has-been. There is no point in even discussing what he may or may not do for the United States.
So, why do I say that our average age will suddenly decrease by the year 2010?
I think that no matter which of our two Presidential candidates makes it to office, by the time 2010 rolls around, there is a very strong likely that this war will escalate to beyond anything people expected it.
Who would survive this war?
You can bet that the survivalists and the people who have the intelligence to rebuild civilization quickly and efficiently will not survive. The survivalists expect the worst, and think they have things planned out accordingly. They do not. They will die in the process of trying to survive.
People like me, who have above average intelligence and should survive just to get things organized in a post apocalyptic world will be the first to go. So, once again,
Who would survive this war?
Those who are ignorant of what is going on. Those who don't care whether they live or die. Those who don't expect to survive or don't want to survive.
Those are the people who will.
Civilazation will have to begin again from scratch.
Those who survive will be the ones who have no idea how to get things done. They will use trial and error to discover the things that people like me take for granted as being "common knowledge." They will have to re-invent the wheel, to paraphrase an old cliche.

It's no one's fault, really. It's everyone's fault.
We, as a human race, have evolved too quickly. One of the laws of nature seems to be the faster a species evolves, the shorter that species will exist. Take a look at the sharks, alligators, and crocs... they haven't evolved in millions of years, and they're still around. The human race has only been around in the hundreds of thousands of years; and the human as we know it today only the tens of thousands of years. Our knowledge has increased exponentially just in the last couple of hundred years. But people tend to forget, so has our stupidity, ignorance, and pride.
In order for Mother Nature to even things out, those of us who have the intelligence to transcend all of this, won't. Maybe it's just a way to slow down our evolution. Maybe she gave us too much Miracle Grow and now needs to pull up the weeds.
I am a weed. The average and below average intelligent person is the flower.
It doesn't matter that a flower needs the weed to make it look good, we still pull it up.

I vote we go back to anarchy, or at least a monarchy, before our governments kill us; flowers, weeds, and all.

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