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I keep waking up with really bad headaches...
It's gotta be something really simple, like I'm not drinking enough water, my sugar is too high and drops when I'm asleep, or some other dipshit thing like that.
The reason I say that is because the headaches go away almost instantly after taking advil or aspirin.
So I know the headaches I'm getting aren't sinus headaches, which is what I normally get. Those don't go away so easily.


I'm in the middle of working 12 days in a row. The most sleep in a day I've gotten is 4 hours. So, 4 hours of sleep or less each day for over a week tends to make me a bit grumpy.
Part of the reason for the lack of sleep is the increased number of phone calls I'm getting, especially during the hours I'd like to be sleeping. So, the moment I get home from work, I'm starting to take the phone off the hook. Of course, I'll hang it back up just as I'm walking out the door on my way to work.
It's not that I don't mind talking to people on the phone (okay, yes it is), but for once, I'd like to go a week or ten without my insurance agent calling, wrong numbers, The S.F. Chronicle, the police charity, and all these other people calling me when I'm supposed to have an unlisted number!

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