The Digital Shutterbug (aryx) wrote,
The Digital Shutterbug

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My webserver host has finally allowed a gallery style program to be installed on their servers, so I can finally start putting pictures into albums and avoid having to write my own html (not that writing html was hard... just time consuming).
The biggest problem right now is that I am still on my Win98 computer, and I don't have very many pictures to upload from here. They're all on my XP which died last week.
When I finally get it (the gallery program) configured to the way I like it, and with a shitload of pictures uploaded, I'll rewrite the index.html code to redirect everyone there (by following a link indicating that they are aware that there is nudity in my images).
All pictures posted prior to now will eventually be deleted from the directories they are now in, and put into the gallery's system of directories. I will not be going back to change code on LJ just to get the images to work.
I will let everyone and their cats know when the site is ready, even if it is not finished. (Ready means that there are enough pictures uploaded to make it worth your while.)

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