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Damn this networking thing is pissing me off.
Everything on my laptop says it's working fine, except due to media disconnect, it can't connect to the router.
I am so tempted to reset the router settings to default and start over, except that I worry that I won't be able to get this Win98 computer back online.
My laptop does also have a network card, so I guess I could hook up a network cable to it, but the whole purpose of being wireless is so you're not restricted by cables.
I'm also wondering if perhaps I have a bad wireless network card and it just happened to go bad at the same time as the hard-drive on my main computer. That would be a strange coincidence, but I always seem to be surrounded by those. So much so that I just take them for granted now. heh
For now, I'll just keep working on this poor decrepit computer, whose monitor is so dark that I can barely make out images, and whose versions of software (like media player) are so old that I have to relearn how to use them.

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