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Just saw Van Helsing
Lots of archtypal stereotypes
Lots of lines from other movies, including "If you're going to kill someone, don't just stand there and talk about it. Do it!" which I think comes from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly or some similar Spaghetti Western... she should have been in the bathtub when she said it, that would've made it funnier... But I don't think the audience got it, or if they did, they didn't laugh with me.
There was even a scene where Hugh Jackman's werewolf alluded to the X-Men movies with the claws (did they use the same sound for the werewolf's claws as they did for Wolverine, too?).
And I'm glad they didn't refer to Frankenstein's Monster as Frankenstein. In fact, I think they called him by his real name, Adam... but it happened so fast I didn't quite catch it. Frankenstein was the doctor who created him, not the monster himself.
Not the greatest of special effects, but I don't think that was their aim.
The one thing I didn't like was that the Monk, err, Friar gave away the ending... I think it could've been written a little better so he didn't have to say what could kill Count Dracula, but rather just enough clues that Van Helsing and the audience would understand them once it happened.
Overall, an entertaining flick. Especially good for people who just want to be told a story and entertained, and don't want to have to think while watching it.

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