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Eyexam2000 is starting to piss me off.
It seems everytime I go in now, they are always missing one of my lenses that are supposed to be in stock.
There is always someone new.
Today, I gave my last name. The girl started to type it into the computer, answered the phone, hung up after 10 minutes, looked up at me and asked, "Your last name is Sandoval?" Ummm, no, do I look like I have any Mexican blood in me? I am whiter than most of the KKK (I'm glad I don't have their mentality or closed minds, though).
In the past, E2K would just order another box for me, and I would pay when they got them in and I could take them home. That was at the time when I could walk in and they still knew me by name, never had to ask my name. But they needed me to pay today.
The guy at the counter said it has always been their policy to have the customer pay at the time of ordering. If it's always been their policy, why have they never done that to me before?
Now I'm bitchy, and I have to go to work soon.
I need something to happen that'll put me in a better mood before I go to work, so I don't treat my patients like crap.

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