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I was thinking about ranting about female drivers when I got back from the store, especially how they'll sit in the middle of a parking lot, trying to pull out of a space, but only turn enough to get themselves caught. They can't back up, because there's a car right behind them. They can't pull forward without either pulling back into the space, or hitting the car that was next to them. So they sit there inching back and forth trying to get turned enough so they don't hit another car. After several minutes of unbelievable and thought provoking images, she finally gets it out.
I was also thinking of making fun of the woman who changed from the right lane to the left lane to turn left at an intersection, even though both lanes have to turn left, and then, when we make the turn, she changes back into the right lane again.
I could also mention the woman who sat in her car at the end of the parking lot waiting for the person to show up who had the car in the space the closest to the store, just so she could park there, when the other driver left. She sat for 10 minutes... she was there when I went into the store, and she was still there when I came out... actually, she was finally pulling into her long-awaited space.
But then I decided that there are too many females on my friends list, and I'd probably get all kinds of crazy men driver stories, and well, I just don't want to hear that, simply because the stories are about stupid drunk men.
So, I'm not going to say anything. I think it would just be better that way.

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