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One or two of my ribs on my right side are just killing me. I don't know if I cracked a rib, or if I tore some of the costal cartilage or pulled a muscle, or what! Every time I move I am in great pain. I had one of the other techs take my rib x-rays last night, but it doesn't seem to show much. That doesn't mean that there isn't a crack. But nothing is out of alignment, which is good.
I don't know what I did... if I coughed too hard (I get these bad coughing attacks when I eat food too fast... which is always), or if I pulled something when trying to pull a patient onto my table. The pain started Tuesday morning and has gotten progressively worse. Yesterday I could barely work. It doesn't seem quite so bad, but I don't know if that's because I've figured out new ways to move (like getting out of bed) so it doesn't hurt as much, or if the pain is really starting to subside. It still hurts like a motherf**ker, though.

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