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The Digital Shutterbug

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Being on-call Saturday really got me screwed up.
I went all day long yesterday not realizing it was Sunday.
I kept looking in my mailbox wondering when the mailman was going to come.
My box stayed empty all day. Not even junk mail!
I kept thinking how odd that was.
Then I walked down to one of the corner stores to get some soda, and it was CLOSED! It was too early to be closed. *grumble*
Finally, just as I was leaving for work last night, I made one of those slap-on-the-forehead kind of discoveries... It's only Sunday! And Easter Sunday at that!
!huD... I mean, Duh!
I'm glad it's finally over with. Four more days left this week. I want to get some planting done before the weekend.
I need to see if the pregnant girl from work can do a shoot this weekend. I had to postpone it last Friday because I woke up so late and had hell for a headache.
If she can't do it, then I should go hang out with Cody... I don't recall any other plans that I need to work on; except the pond.

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