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I think the first thing people need to learn how to do if they're going to post pictures in the communities is to flip them right-side-up!
I'm not talking about the occasional one flipped sideways because it seems to have more artistic expression on its side.
I'm talking about self-portraits, and the majority of other situations where you can just tell that the picture is not supposed to be sideways.
The very first thing I do when I upload pictures to my computer is flip those upright that need to be flipped. I do it as I go.
My older digital camera (the one that was stolen) actually had an upright sensor and would flip images automatically after taking them; that is, it did it until I dropped the camera shortly thereafter, probably destroying the sensor. :( I have a digi from the same company, I wonder why this one doesn't have one... maybe they just break too easily and Sony figures why put it in if everyone is going to drop their camera at some point and destroy the thing... I don't know.

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