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I crashed hard

I never went to bed this morning after work like I usually try to do.
Late this afternoon, or early evening, I turned the hose on to fill the small pond with water to fill it back up from all the evaporation. I had come inside, made some calls, then went to lay down for a bit while trying to think where I really need to start on working on this bigger (koi) pond.
I ended up falling asleep until about 2 or so. I left the water on to the pond. As soon as I heard the water running, I ran out to turn it off. It had completely recycled all the pond water. I have heard that goldfish like to be shocked like this from time to time, but city water has so many chemicals added to it that I hope I don't have to experience the same thing this time that I did last year with half my fish dying.
There were no floaters as of yet when I ran out to turn the water off, so maybe that's a good sign. I won't know until I go out to feed them later if they survive the night.

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