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FARKLE am I ever tired... I haven't gone to bed yet, but nor have I worked very much on my pond... I keep looking at it and thinking how much work there is left on it. I know I know, baby steps... little bit at a time, and it'll be done in no time!
If I'd stop buying wrong things at the hardware stores and such... like my pump uses 1-inch tubing, and I only have 3/8ths inch tubing... doesn't fit quite right. bleh

But on a happier note, I got a laptop computer now, with a wireless router (which I haven't hooked up yet) so I don't have to necessarily come into my computer room to play on the internet. I can go all over the house! Yay!
I'll need to switch routers, though. My old one isn't wireless. Fortunately, the wireless also allows network cables as well, so I can have all three computers on the network at the same time. I also got this itty bitty mouse that goes with it... I'm not too keen on cursor controls on laptops. I hope the DVD player software works better on that computer than this one, and considering no DVD software works right on this computer, all the software has to do is run and I'm happy... heh

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