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I knew Barabas had named himself from a character out of the bible, but I did not realize he had named himself after the mass murderer, released by Harrod during Passover as requested by the masses, instead of Jesus, thus continuing the fracas which led to Jesus' untimely demise.

All these Christians going out, in the name of the Lord, killing those who don't believe or have faith. Did He ask them to do that? No.
Does He ask that you prove your faith or devotion to Him to others? No. So why do people still put ash on their foreheads, build temples, suffer feast and famine, etc? These are sacraments basically to prove to others that you believe. And He doesn't want that.
Why do people still ask for their sins to be forgiven, when Jesus died on the cross to forgive the sins of all Mankind; past, present, and future? Their sins were forgiven 2000 years ago.


The trouble with proving whether or not tachyons exist is that we are trying to detect them with electromagnetic frequencies. How are you supposed to espy an object which travels faster than the speed of light by using light? That would be like trying to detect a submarine travelling faster than the speed of sound by using sonar.
Tachyons are still only mathematically theoretical. Even Einstein had problems with tachyons. He had to keep modifying his mathematical formulae to exclude these little critters, because they kept showing up, and he was just absolutely certain that there was no way these things could exist, so it wouldn't be right for him to publish a paper with a formula to indicate there was the possibility. Even his famous equation, E=mc2 supports the tachyon theory; of course, that particular formula states that it takes more energy to produce a tachyon than such a particle would actually contain... or does it?
With the "discovery" of the String Theory, and in fact, many variations of such, tachyons are getting more and more popular. So too are many new discoveries about the Universe.
One discovery which has occured in the last year was finding the speed at which gravitons travel. Not surprisingly, they travel at the same speed as the other energies we know, the speed of light. And that's all a graviton is, a packet of energy. Do not be confused, this does not mean that gravity pulls at the speed of light, that is a different set of equations, dealing with masses of different objects. We're talking about how fast the energy travels outward to inflict that pull. So, if you lived one light-year away from an object, which is the time it takes for light to travel in one year, you would feel the gravitational pull from that object at the same time as you would see the light emitted by that same object (all matter emits light, even people. Our eyes can't see that light because our eyes pick up an extremely small slice out of the electromagnetic spectrum. EM includes radio waves, x-rays, microwaves, gamma rays, and, as mentioned, what we consider visible light.).
But, is EM energy the fastest? From what I've said, Einstein worked hard to remove the possibility that tachyons exist. String Theory also suggests that tachyons may exist.
But how are we to actually detect them if all we know is limited by our innability to perceive anything beyond the speed of light in the first place? How do you build equipment to detect such things when they are limited to using electricity (which itself is part of the EM spectrum)?


Ich ende hier.

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