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Went out last night to Fat's Grill and Bar, a local pizza place that has a little bit of everything. It's set up like a sports bar, serving pizza, sandwiches, and other various food items, and a fully stocked bar, with a small stage which was used for a comedy show last night, and an area for dancing later at night. A friend from work and I went to meet up with some other people from work, but it ended up mostly being the students learning about x-ray. The instructor was leaving just as we showed up, he had already been there for a few hours, and was appropriately wasted. The "kids" were nearly there, and doing the typical college crowd beer drinking games. I don't know the students well enough to socially interact with them in that regard, and I wasn't interested in getting wasted. I did sit at their table for a while, until the show was about to begin.
We hemmed and hawed through one guy from San Francisco who loved to say fuck and bitch a lot, but he wasn't all that funny. In fact, the emcee was funnier than all the other comedians, including the headliner. One guy was up from L.A., he was pretty funny, but I don't think the crowd got most of his jokes. He was the tamest of the group as far as language goes, but his was the most intelligent of the comedy. Intelligent comedy probably doesn't belong in a place where everyone is drunk.
The headliner was pretty good. He didn't want to do a normal routine, just kept talking to people, asking their names and what they did, and cracked a few jokes about them. There was an NFL defensive lineman in the crowd, I think he's a local boy, named Shauntell or something, that the headliner kept teasing. Most of his jokes were about how he needed a clear path to the door because all the audience members were going to kick his ass before the night was done.
There was one drunk girl in the back who kept trying to cap on the comedian throughout the show. Word of advice, if you don't have any wit, don't attempt this sort of thing. Comedians love that, and they can turn it around on you faster than you can get out your own crack. That's what they do! It took her a little longer to realize that than it does most people. And she was getting pissed off, which made it funnier.
When it came to me, he just made a few jokes about x-ray turning testicles into powder, losing a rib, and a few other things. He mentioned that I must not be used to clubs like this one because I make too much money, as if I was lowering myself. He asked if I was here on a date... I don't know if it was really a date, I was asked to attend so that my friend wouldn't have to go alone.
I just said yes, it was a date. He asked if she was my girlfriend or friend, I said friend, and he went off saying I wasn't getting any... I kind of smirked.
How do you disagree in a crowd filled with co-workers and students who work with us who don't know the truth, and you're still trying to keep it a secret (even though at least one person has figured it out and started telling everyone).
I'm not really giving anything away now, anyway, because the only person at work who reads my LJ is the same person I'm talking about.
Anyway, after the show was over, we decided we didn't want to stick around for dancing. They weren't playing good music anyway. I suggested bringing in some of my CDs, but I was told I'd probably get beaten up by most of the crowd.
What? Who doesn't like Rammstein? Or Sisters of Mercy?

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