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I haven't even finished writing my dream from the other night, and last night I have two more strange ones. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to create a dream journal just to write everything down in.

As the weather gets warmer, I'm bound to have water dreams, being out on the boat, working my way through canals and such. I used to keep having this particular dream before I had a boat, dreaming I was on vacation travelling from Northern California across the Southern States. Most of my time was spent navigating canals that linked rivers and other waterways which don't really exist right now.

My second dream was more of a myriad of images. I had gone to an old job (working in a pizza place) one day just to see if they needed help that day. That happened to be a day where they were over-staffed, so they didn't. When I had gone in, it was sunny out, but when I finally left (an hour later), it was raining, but still warm. I recall driving away from the restaurant, but I had rollerbladed to it. I should take that back. I actually went to the pizza place twice. The first time was before anyone had shown up. The alarm was on, but the door was unlocked, so I had gotten in, and stayed away from where the alarm could see me. I rollerbladed there, and then back home when I left, and then back again when I returned the second time.
Here I am, 36, and I have a date to go to the prom with a girl half my age (she asked me, apparently--I'm unsure). I had to go to the highschool to pick her up. They were also preparing for graduation--must've been a short school year.
It's supposed to be high-school, but everyone looked and acted like college kids. Who knows, maybe it was a college with a prom.
I had this weird backback I was wearing, and in the background noise of student, I hear some mention that the professors get the coolest things. So now I'm being mistaked for a professor... cool, I guess.
I find the girl after class, and we head to the truck, which is in the parking lot, and sit in one of the stadium seats instead. Why are there stadium seats in the parking lot? In a dream, you never seem to question anything, it's just natural.
I awoke about that time, and then the phone rang.

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