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My ally is the Force.

I took my boat to the place where I bought it so they could try to figure out what is going on with my stern light. Hopefully, it's an easy fix, just a spliced wire, or something like that.
While I was there, they asked when the last time I had my motor serviced. Ummm, never... how many hours do you put on the motor before the first service. About 25. Well, that sounds about right, why don't you go ahead and take care of that, too. I usually just putz around on the Delta, land at a beach, and my friends and I party all day. So even though I've had the boat for two years, it was due.
Then they noticed I didn't have my '05 registration stickers. I never got a notice from the DMV telling me my registration was coming up, and I had forgotten all about it.
So, I went to the DMV today to get some new stickers.
I find out that the boat registration never got updated with my new address. I had sent in the forms for my truck and the boats all on the same form. But, the lady told me that auto and boat registration are two different departments, so the boat people never got the information. She was happy to fix it for me. It only costs $15 to register a boat late, $10 if you're on time. A LOT better than vehicles!

I got some DVDs, too. Schindler's List is finally out on DVD, so I got that. Lost Boys and Hollow Man, too. I have Lost Boys on VHS, but I'm slowly replacing all my tapes with DVD, and I figured, what the heck, it's time for that one. I said I'd never get Hollow Man, but then I saw a brief glimpse of some of the special effects works, so I decided, hell, why not. I probably won't watch the movie again... just the special effects stuff. Who knows...

I'm sitting in front of my computer, naked.
I should be writing more code for my Burning Man 2003 page. Instead, I'm watching home movies on other peoples' websites taken at Burning Man. I don't seem to be in any of them... heh

I haven't gone to bed, yet.

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