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Okay, for some of you, this will be easy to remember, others may have to stretch their mind a bit, while others may not know what the heck I'm talking about:

A song that was popular during Disco had lyrics that went like this:
If I can't have you, I don't want nobody, baby!

Okay, first thing's first. Like the person you're telling this to is really gonna care! What would they think? "Okay, this person is going to avoid all other relationships because he/she can't have me. Big whoop!" What kind of person is going to isolate him or herself from further contact simply because they're missing out on someone? And is telling the other person that going to help the situation? Is this some kind of guilt trip?

I really don't remember any of the rest of the lyrics. Maybe this is a suicide song. Seems like a real stupid idea if it is. I dunno. Maybe the writer was an over-emotional teen going through puberty.

I think that this song was meant to be a love-song. It was in the movie, Saturday Night Fever. I don't really remember what part. I keep thinking of that scene where John Travolta is spinning in circles with that girl, but I'm fairly certain that the song they're actually dancing to didn't even make the record or radio play.

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