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Well, my Federal Income Tax Return was finally deposited into my account.
I immediately sent off a check to my credit card company, so my $30,000+ credit card debt after graduating college is paid off in full! It took 11 years, but I did it. The debt is actually higher, because in that 11 years, I've taken several vacations which added on more, but it was about 30,000 when I first got out of school.
My trip around the country probably added 1,000, and my trip to Germany probably added another 1,000. Other vacations (Burning Man, mostly) were varying amounts, depending on what I had to rent (I rented a moving truck in '98, along with a generator. In '99 I rented a trailer and a generator. I've since bought my own generator, and have found someone who will let me borrow his trailer when I go.)
I've got some extra money left over, plus payday is tomorrow, so I'm going to make a big payment on the boat, and maybe some extra on my mortgage payment for April.
I'm still waiting for my State Income Tax Refund to come (I usually get that first!). That'll be another big help... not that I was suffering.
I don't think I'm getting enough call to make it to the 6 digit income for this year. Not unless the union, which is now in negotiations) can get us the PM, graveyard, and the weekend differentials we're asking for. They're also asking that people who do take call (like myself) get a higher stand-by amount (right now, it's just $5 per hour), and a higher amount when we have to come in when we are on call. Only if we can get any of this will I have the possibility of making $100,000 for this year. Not too many of the other techs want to give up their call time, so I'm pretty much stuck with my call schedule; every other Saturday.

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