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I've been craving sushi for the past 2 days, but there's no one nearby to take with me.
My mom and sister refuse to even try it, which means my niece and nephew won't want to try it. Plus they're in Mexico right now.
My aunt is home, but she won't try it either. So instead, we went to Chili's.
My dad lives in San Francisco, which isn't too far to drive, except I had dinner with my aunt at Chili's, and it is a bit far to drive just to get sushi with someone else who likes it.
Cody's a little closer, but the other direction, and I don't know any sushi places close to where she lives... although she might.
Plus, it's now 1:30 in the morning, I doubt anything is open. And I work the next 6 nights in a row... so I won't be able to get the chance until next Tuesday. And I'm sure plans will come up that will prevent me from getting some then, too.
Oh the angst!

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