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Spring is coming!

Well, I can tell Spring is on the way.
1) The kitties are already starting to shed. My allergies are going to be a real bitch this year. I'm going to have to keep up on the dusting and vacuuming to help minimize it, if possible. I probably should also wear a mask at home. hmmm
2) The fishies out in the pond were not behaving normally when I fed them this morning. In fact, they were behaving exactly like fish mating. So I have a strong suspicion that in a little less than two months, I'll have more fish fry in the pond. I definately better get that other pond built soon!
3) It's not a typical March 7th, weather-wise. Bright and sunny, with the sun's warmth feeling pretty good, at 10 O'clock in the morning! Typically, our Springs are windy and miserable (miserable because the wind blows all the pollen around, which doesn't help my allergies!). The rest of the rain we get this season will be our Spring rains... you know, Spring Showers bring May Flowers... that kind of thing. We get a good amount of rain in April and May. There will still be some cold nights, but that's okay.
I'm looking forward to this summer, because although I work at night, I'm going to still try going out on the boat as much as possible during the day. I can sleep when I'm dead!

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