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I got another background for my photography stuff. $50. Muslin 10'X20', green(ish).
I bought it from a guy at work who is also really into photography.
He's been taking classes for years (poor guy). He's getting up there in age, I'd say he was close to 50.
Like me, he likes to shoot people.
Unlike me, he has never shot a nude model.
Not even semi-nude.
Last night, he was telling me how nervous he is, because guess what? He has a model who wants to get some nude shots done.
This guy is a complete wreck. He has no clue how he's going to handle it.
I told him that, in time, you get used to it. I guess I was lucky. The first girl who posed nude for me was a stipper who had no qualms about taking her clothes off, and I had known her for a while already (I used to go to some of the area strip clubs).
I told him the nice this is, is that you're going to worry more about the lighting and camera settings being right, that you're going to forget that she is like any other model in front of the lens, she just happens not to be wearing anything.

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