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I was told about a different difinition for the word, aryx.
But I can't remember what it was.
And now I can't find it on any of the online unabridged dictionaries.

Several years ago (late 80's, when I was running The Tree House BBS), I was informed that Aryx is a name in some third-world country, typically given to females, although, on rare occasions, a male could have that name (not as androgenous as, say, Pat, or Alex, but something along the lines of Teri, which is typically more of a female name). Unlike Teri/Terry which uses the y or the i to denote whether it's a male or female name, Aryx does not change its spelling.

I think some people believe I chose Aryx because the Ary is also the beginning of Aryan. I happen to be German, and hence white, but that is far from the reason. I just respelled Eric with the initial of my last name, S.

But, it was interesting to note that even my own definition of Aryan wasn't quite correct. I knew Hitler had it wrong. And I know for sure that neo-nazis don't have a clue what it means. But now that I know the correct definition, at least I won't spout off my own.

It was believed that there was an ancient race, which "evolved" into the Persians, and possibly the Indo-Europeans and Indo-Germanic tribes. In all three cases, these people have some form of Asian blood in them. So, if you follow me to my logical conclusion, the Asian people are more Aryan than White (or Caucasian) people are. That is, of course, assuming that this prehistory race of "people" even existed. (I put people in quotes because they supposedly had angelic features and powers, and I don't believe they ever existed in the first place. The only other theory is that these were people from outer-space.)
So, Hitler chasing the dream of making the race pure again by only allowing blue-eyed, blond-haired people to reproduce was, infact, going in the wrong direction.

Even if these people did exist, chances are they were darker skinned. We all have genetic information which points that the human race began in Africa, and more specifically, in a very small area, the size of a small town, and that they started off as dark-skinned hairy creatures. As some clans/families/tribes moved away from the equater, especially farther north, where the sun doesn't hit the skin as hard, their skin became lighter. And even though the majority of the world lost a lot of pigment, we still retain a gene or two which hibernates that it was once there. So that theory that you leanred in high school stating that everyone is related to everyone else is more true than you probably gave thought to. And to all the white supremacists out there: Sorry bud, looks like you got a little black in you!

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