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Dear Mr. President,
The United States of America, as a country, is based on mixed cultures. The very term, mixed cultures, is all-encompassing and all-inclusive, meaning that even counter cultures and subsequent sub-cultures are included and must be accepted by our very nature, a state of non-oppression, if you will.

Many cultures are dictated and governed by religion, or even a lack thereof, whether directly or indirectly. Take, for example, the Arab women who still must cover their bodies from head to toe. This is based more on religion than a dictatorship by a government, although the government of the nations have taken it to maintain this practice. We do have Arab women in America who maintain their religious beliefs, but because of the American right of freedom, many have chosen to remove their veil, mainly because our government does not have control of what they must or must not wear.

As mentioned, ours is a nation of acceptance and tolerance. Discrimination by amending the constitution is oppression.

If you have any sort of intelligence, you will see where I am going with this.

Marriage is an institution which simply tells the world and the government that two adults have engaged in a ceremony where they have dedicated themselves to each other.

By wanting to amend our country's constitution to discriminate the partnership of two people based on same gender is oppression. Same-gendered marriage is not about sex, and I believe that is where the majority of people err in their beliefs. They have different morals, and are disgusted, and maybe even offended, in their thoughts that two people of the same gender coupling is acceptable. So, a marriage of these people is also unacceptable. But this is a blurring of the difference between marriage and sex.

Marriage is not about sex.

The fact that you want to change our constitution will not stop these people from behaving in a manner which is different than your moral code, even if you succeed in changing our constitution to read, "...all men are created equal, except those who engage in homosexual activity."

California is a state which is very tolerant of many different people, their beliefs, and their culture. Although many states in our union deem us as backward, it must be understood that this was the whole reason for the founding of our nation! California is right on par with what our fore-fathers wanted and foresaw. So, if many states view us as backward, perhaps it is not we who are backward, but many of the other states.

An amendment to the constitution of the sort that you desire is unconstitutional, as it oppresses the very people who the United States invited in the first place: all those with differing cultures, beliefs, morals, attitudes, religion, and practices that the rest of the world did not want.

We invited them because we wanted them.

You are showing an ignorance of this fact, and you seem to believe that you cannot tolerate them, and feel that you must make a law against them. But you can not make a law against a people with a differing set of opinions, views, beliefs, moral and ethic code, or even an opposing form of theology or idealism, including opposing thoughts on government structure. This is implicitly written in the constitution already. Your law would break the founding fathers' law. You cannot be allowed to do this. You are no further above the law than anyone else in this country.

Do not degrade our country any further with this lack of intelligence and your lack of tolerance.

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