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It seems that my living room does not want to be lit up.
My old ceiling fan blew up (a switch popped) which turned off all the lamps, but allowed the fan to continue working.
Eventually, I replaced the switch.
The first time I tried to turn the lights back on, the new switch also popped.
For the past month (maybe longer), I haven't done anything.
Yesterday, I went down to Home Depot and bought some track lights.
I spent a better part of yesterday taking down the hardware for the fan, rewiring the new "base" for the track lights, got half the track up, and even three of the five lights hooked up.
When I turned on the lights, they worked fine.
Today, I finished installing the rest of the track, and added one more light.
This is a five-light system, so I had one more light to put up.
I wanted to see how my lighting was arranged, and where I needed a little extra light so I would know which way to point the last lamp.
I turn on the switch.
I removed the fourth light from the track and tried again.
Again, nothing.
I disconnected the track that I had added on today.
I tried again.
Same results, darkness.

I wonder if the little old lady who used to live here has come back to haunt the place.
That would be cool...
I don't believe in ghosts.
Not even the 'mother' of all ghosts (I guess some would say, the Father)

I don't want my living room to be dark!

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