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bored, can't sleep

one, won
two, to , too
four, fore, for
eight, ate
be, bee
see, sea
eye, I
cue, queue
tee, tea
you, ewe
it's, its
allowed, aloud
allot, (a) lot*
air, heir, err, ere**, e'er**
pear, pare, pair
you're***, your, yore
they're, their, there
are***, our, hour
here, hear
where, wear
all, awl
whole, hole
but, butt
bear, bare
sun, son
fare, fair
hare, hair
lair, layer***
isle, aisle, I'll
yule, you'll
been, bin
lean, lien
lie, lye
cord, chord
lam, lamb
dam, damn
new, gnu
die, dye
seed, cede
sell, cell
which, witch
team, teem
sole, soul
weigh, way, whey
wait, weight

Okay, that's all I can remember... add your own
*this one really shouldn't count, as I have used an indefinite article (a) to help it sound the same as its word-pair
**not really modern English, but still used enough to count
***really only sounds like its word-pair(s) if it's slurred too much

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